Blue Glass Pebble

Blue Glass Pebble Company is one of Australia’s premier suppliers of glass pebble finishes for concrete pools. The company believes its products offer customers the most stunning finish, the best value for money and the most durable and user-friendly finish on the market.


Blue Glass Pebble Company backs its product so much that it offers an industry-leading 10-year warranty on its range of spectacular glass pebble finishes.


Glass pebbles are the best and most colourfast way for a customer to achieve a vibrant, colourful water effect. Whether the customer is hoping to achieve a deep oceanic blue or a tranquil lagoon setting, glass pebbles offer a natural solution that cannot possibly fade or lose colour over time. The glass is fully pre-mixed in a bag in Australia, made within 24 hours of your order — just for you. This ensures consistency and continuity of the glass throughout the mix. Blue Glass Pebble Company’s finishes consist of a mix of glass pebbles and natural white.


The company uses the highest concentration of glass you can safely put in a pool. There’s no question that scientifically rounded glass pebbles are the way of the future as far as colourful pool finishes are concerned. The unique colour recipes set Blue Glass Pebble Company apart from its competition. The recipes are tried and tested and the results are simply spectacular. Transform your pool with the most beautiful, luxurious finish on the market and be sure not to accept inferior imitations. Ask for Blue Glass Pebble Company by name and ensure you get the best look backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty

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