Once we have received council approval, your swimming pool construction starts with excavation. We will meet on site, mark out the pool and ensure that you are happy with the positioning and the dimensions of the pool. Once this is confirmed and signed off, we are ready to dig your new swimming pool.

Formwork and Steelwork

All the steelwork used in the pool construction is inspected by engineers prior to the shell being sprayed.


Spraying Concrete Shell

We use 25MPA pool spray concrete to comply with Australian Standard (AS 2783).




Curing Finished Shell

We ensure that the shell cures for 28 days before tiling and the interior finish is applied, to ensure proper adhesion.


We will install your external pool plumbing, lighting and filtration during the period in which your pool is curing. Position of filtration is discussed at mark out.

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Tiling and Finishes

After the required curing period, the next step is to lay the pool coping tile (the tile on top of the pool), and if you chose one, an internal waterline tileband. A level concrete bed must be laid on the entire pool top to ensure correct levels before coping is laid.

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