Water Features

Water features are the perfect way to provide stunning and dynamic flow of water to your pool and spa.  Suitable for all backyard environments they will create an elegant touch to any backyard.  We can custom your swimming pool design with water features, waterfalls made from rocks and shear descent and designer jets, providing you a luxurious finish while also allowing your water feature to blend into any landscape, surface or colour scheme.

A Water Feature, with its appealing aesthetics as well as calming sounds, can add serenity to any backyard. The options are endless when it comes to materials, colours, designs and textures.

Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls are ideal for rustic, lagoon-style pools, rock waterfalls often produce a gushing sound to drown out ambient noise.  Boulders set randomly around the perimeter, free-form shapes, darker (and more reflective) interior finishes, and the use of natural rock waterfalls are all ways to build your own backyard paradise. Complete this type of environment with the right landscaping and amenities, lots of lush foliage and an outdoor kitchen/entertainment centre, and you may never want to leave.

Sheer Descent

The Sheer Descent waterfall produces a clear arc of water that has a wide range of water effects that can easily be adjusted to suit any mood or environment. You can choose a silent, a glass-like sheet of water, or a rushing mountain waterfall!

Power-stream Water Feature

The Power-stream is a low maintenance water feature that can be easily installed on any type of swimming pool or / and garden.  This water feature is compact and discreet, available in standards sizes, or can be custom designed in a variety of sizes to suit your specifications.

Mini Jets

Mini Jets are extremely versatile, suitable for most swimming pool environments and require minimal water flow.  The all new flow control Mini Jets allow you to create the optimum flow to suit your pool, simply adjust the nozzle via a special tool included with the unit to modify the direction and length of water.

Laminar Jets

Laminar Jets water features with LED lighting provides clear or coloured arcs of water as they silently enter you swimming pool or spa adding that extra touch of excitement.

Deck Jets

Deck Jets create shimmering arches of water from your desk into your pool or spa.  The jets can be installed in almost any combination, and they are 360 degree adjustable, the dazzling effects they create can be changed again and again.

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